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Termites evaluation


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The American Association of Professional Inspectors is considered specialists in the Termite inspection field.

Why choose an AAPI inspector for your inspection ?

Our inspectors have enough experience to know there will be some problems at properties where no book out there or any quick training will prepare them for the unordinary. It takes more than a quick walk around to fully evaluate all the items at any structure be it a residential or commercial property. Below will be some examples of overlooked items from other inspection companies that we identified.

One of the most common complaints we hear about other inspection companies is, “my inspector missed the termites when we had our inspection!” See Why...

This house has been inspected twice by other inspection companies in the past 30 days. Both inspection reports said that there were no termites. They missed the termites! Both times it was inspected by the buyers agent’s favorite inspector. Then we came along.

This is called a termite swarm castle. We found it in the garage on the wall dividing the garage to the kitchen.  The home owner said that a pest control company was just out 2 days before and said that there were no termites anywhere. He was shocked!

This was interesting! The home was under contract with a pest control company. The company was at the property at the same time that we were inspecting it. Before we were finished inspecting it the pest control company reported to the homeowner and our clients that there was absolutely no termites anywhere at this property.  Our client had told us that we did not need to do a termite inspection because the pest control company was going to do it for FREE!  It is not our nature to discredit other companies, but we felt that it was our duty to show our clients active termites on the property and recommend another termite inspection be performed and documented. We saved our clients over $800.00 in a termite treatment and $2,500.00 in repairs to the structure.

Here the listing agent told us that the property was just inspected that afternoon by her best inspector. He had guaranteed that termites were not at this property. So she was exspecting a clear report from us. She didn’t get one. We saved our clients $800.00.

Look closely you will not see many of these in the DFW area.  Drywood Termites

Looks like some wood rot pieces, look closer is infested with Sub. termites found during inspection.

The property has had on going infestation of Termites for years. Termite swarm castle in crawl space hidden from other inspection company and pest control company. We found this and identified active Termites for our client.

Here they come.................inside of a termite colony

Long term Termite Damage to older wood structure.  Have your home inspected at least every 2 years.

Don’t forget about Carpenter Ants. This is one that was 3/4 of a inch long.


Powder post beetle frass at left found during inspection, ordinary house fly to right.  Look closely you will see small exit holes under and above fly in wood.  House had long ongoing infestation of powder post beetles throughout, had to be tented and fumigated, treatment was over 25,000.00.


Powder post beetles, found at the above property, actual size are most times smaller than common ants.

Close-up of Subterranean solider Termite


Carpenter Bee confused as bumble bee by anther inspection company.  We were call in to do proper identification for the Realtor and her client.


Formosan Termites, seldom seen in the DFW area.

We specialize in the field of Termite Inspections, Classification and Identification

Our advice, don’t expect the cheapest inspector to do a through termite inspection.

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