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Commercial Inspections and Consulting

Office and Warehouse May 2011


Our job is to give our clients 100% of our knowledge so they can make very informed decisions. After our inspection the seller of the property dropped the price of the property 65,000 and agreed to have the roof replaced, the cost of our inspection was under 800.00

Corporate Headquarters July 2011



We understand the due diligence process of commercial real estate transactions, the property condition assessment report is one of the most important aspects of the process before buying any building.

The American Association of Professional Inspectors will provide the parties involved in commercial real estate transactions with the most comprehensive analysis of the property in a narrative type condition report with pictures that far surpass any inspection report available to the buyer of any commercial property.

Whether you need a detailed inspection report or a short report regarding the one subject only, every assignment is viewed as a critical component of your analysis and is performed with the utmost care. The property had 8 HVAC units on the roof, 5 out of the 8 had serious problems and the other 3 where not working. the current owner stated that his HVAC company told him all were working fine. After our review our client realized that 6 units would need to be replaces and the others could be repaired, the seller agreed to drop the price for the property by 120,000 and the cost of the consultation was under 500.00.

Strip Center July 2011


The American Association of Professional Inspectors provides comprehensive evaluations and consulting services to support the acquisition of investments and asset management or site selection of commercial real estate (including office buildings, retail buildings, industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, hotels, multifamily dwellings, senior housing and other commercial property types. While this strip center was only 1 year old, we found that the sewer  lines for 4 of the units where not installed properly at the time of construction and backed up when in use, the sewer system had insufficient venting and undersized drains for any restaurant or dry cleaner use.  Our client was saved the extra expense of modifying the building plumbing system which was estimated to be over 200,000 and the cost of the consultation cost was under 800.00.

Stand Alone Business June 2011


There is no room for error in our consultation reports, our clients are relying on the information given in a very professional like narrative type inspection report to determine if a property will suit their needs, and what repairs, upgrades, or safety concerns are present.  We found that there was a large contaminated area behind the building they we recommended further review, the flat roof needed to be replaced, there was a strong sewer smell inside the building coming for a broken main sewer line in the slab, the building needed about 14 piers to stabilize the foundation and there had been a past fire in the electrical system.  The seller agreed to reduce the price by 100,000 and the cost of the consultation was under 500.00.

Strip Center August 2011


As commercial property consultants, we know first-hand that the purchase, lease, or investment in commercial real estate is an enormous undertaking, entailing inherent market and financial risks that go along with the potential for reward.  Being ahead of the game is very important.

Commercial Supervision and review

From the Ground Up

cement pour

Supervise pour of concrete

Tilt Walls Set

lift walls

Review proper anchoring and bracing

tilt set

We review the proper installation

Angle brace roof design supervised.

steel set

Cement structure construction


Final completion review consulting


Roof supervision and consulting


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