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60 Minutes News Story on Fracking


Fracking and water contamination

'fracking' causes Ohio earthquakes

Fracking causing 2 earthquakes

 Fracking  Explained

Shell President: fracking completely safe - Don't worry

Residents of Sydney's south west are calling for a halt to the expansion of coal seam gas drilling or fracking as it moves into the Sydney basin.

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Uploaded on Jun 27, 2011

Hydraulic fracturing - or "fracking" - is a fast-growing source of natural gas used to create electricity, heat homes, and more. It involves forcing water, sand, and chemicals into super-deep wells and then recovering the gas released during the process. No Problems

EPA - No Problems with Fracking

Fracking: The Dirty Truth in North Dakota

Untested Science: Fracking natural gas controversy

Arlington TX Fracking Flowback Christmas Eve 2011 Cooper near California at the Racetrac

CBS Evening News - Is fracking causing earthquakes in Ohio?

Meet the Frackers - TEXAS - Southlake USA

Marcellus Shale

EPA suspects fracking linked to pollution

Natural gas drilling in Fort Worth, Texas Part 1

Natural gas drilling in Fort Worth, Texas Part 2

Fracking and water contamination

Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Contamination

6/27/11: At the Aspen Ideas Festival, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson discusses natural gas, fracking, and the prospects for regulation of its pollution. Working with corporations.

The North Dakota Miracle: Fracking in the Bakken

Fracking threatens lives of Americans

Fracking threatening the well-being of Americans?

Fracking Near Bailey Junior High Arlington in Pantego TX Carrizo Site January 2011

Rick Perry and Fracking

New reports say earthquakes "man-made" by fracking

Blast At South Texas Fracking Plant Lands 2 In The Hospital - San Antonio TX

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