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Inspector Marketing

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With your complete business package you will also get monthly and year around marketing and guidance.

Marketing plan and Methods

There are many different ideas and ways to market your services some work and some don't. The only way you can grow your business is to have people know about you and your services. A marketing plan and tried and successful marketing methods can save you a lot of time, money and frustration. We can provide you with all kinds of marketing materials and methods to start your business, keep your business and build your business.  We will also look at what your using and advise you to best target potential referral resources and your client base.

According to P.T. Barnum, it takes seven times before a customer takes action based on an advertisement. He said that the customer doesn't see the first impression of an advertisement. The second, he sees, but he doesn't read. The third he reads, the fourth he looks at price, the fifth he speaks to his wife about. By the sixth he's ready to purchase and after the seventh impression, he purchases. Remember this rule of "seven" when you plan how you will spend your marketing dollars.

The Web

More people are going to the web to research services and companies every day. The old yellow pages are becoming obsolete and only a very few people every even look at one anymore. To get ahead and be out there you have to have a web presents. Next you have to be searchable with the search engines and hopefully come up in the top 10 listings or pay to be in the search listings. There are many factors to get one web site above another in different markets, knowing how is the trick. Stop for a second and put dallas home inspectors in the search window and see that our site is in the top 3 at least. We can build you a web site and maintain it for you, with weekly updates and new information you would like to provide.  We can adjust and set your site to be searchable and rated in the top 10 of the list of inspection companies in your area.

Referral Resources

Finding and retaining referrals builds a business and keeps it growing. Knowing how to get referrals is the key. We provide classes and marketing materials to develop referrals and build a referral base.  Everyone is a potential referral resource, knowing how and when to rely on different sources is taught and ongoing coaching will put you above and beyond other inspection companies in your market. We can help to reach new goals in your business.

Name Recognition and Branding

What you call your company matters and what your company image matters.  have someone work with you considering your market, what your notch is, what sets you apart from others in your area can make a big  difference. Of course we do offer franchises with the use of our already established name and recognition also.  Sometimes “Joe inspections” works but very seldom so give it some thought.

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