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New Construction Inspection
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Why choose an AAPI inspector for your inspection ?

Many track home and custom builders are unable to employ an on site construction supervisor. The city code inspectors have typically 30 to 50 homes to check per day. As a new homeowner you should realize that there is no way that anyone from the construction department or local city code enforcement will be able to truly monitor the construction of your new home. In many cases there may not be anyone on site that evens cares if your home in constructed properly or not.  We supervise many homes by providing stage of construction reviews and completion inspections. If you are interested in having us supervise your new home construction or would just like some information about new home construction please feel free to call us at 972-412-6656.

Considering starting your own inspection company or wanting to work with a established inspection company?

Learn how to join this rewarding field here in Texas or any other state.

The first couple years we were in business there seemed to me very little awareness to new home buyers that there could be any problems with a new constructed home or a new business building. We would only inspect about 550 new structures a year. Now in the last 5 years new home buyers are more aware than ever that “Murphy’s Law” comes into play. What can go wrong will go wrong!  The real estate boom in Texas has caused builders to cut corners and rush completion dates. The other thing that we have experienced has been the quality of materials used in construction of new structures.  Most track and custom home builders have no one to monitor and supervise the construction of their homes. Most materials are bought in bundled packages, with the entire house in these packages. Most city code officials physically are unable to inspect and supervise all the homes and buildings being built. All of these factors have caused many buyers to hire their own inspector to inspect the property for them and conduct completion inspections prior to closing on their new home. We could tell you stories that would make your hair curl. The following pages have some interesting picture you can look at to give you some ideas of what is involved in building your hew home. We highly recommend that you have us either conduct a stage of construction inspection or at lease a completion inspection before you close. Are you going to rely on the sales person or the unsupervised laborers to assure that your new home was constructed and completed properly?

What Do You Want To Learn About your New Home?

If you're like most home buyers, you want to know the condition of the house and its components, questions like:  Is the foundation installed properly?  Is everything working properly? Does the HVAC system function properly? Are there any hazards? What is the condition of the roof?  Are there items in the house that will possibly need corrections? Has the Electrical been installed properly? Do the doors and windows function properly? Are there any inherit problems with the design or construction?

Answering these, and other similar questions is precisely the job of a our professional home inspectors during a complete visual examination of the property. Our qualified Real Estate Inspectors, through specific training and experience, understand not only how a home's systems and components should work, but also how they interact with each other, and how they stand the test of time.

Our inspectors will, however, recommend either the services of an engineer, disciplined in a particular field, or other specialist when the need for further investigation is warranted.

Using our home inspectors is like having a specialist in every field of construction, a plumber, an electrician, an HVAC technician and your best advisor all in one. If we see that further examination is needed by a licensed person in any field, we will not hesitate in suggesting a specialist further examine those items. Please contact us for an inspection appointment, don’t sell yourself short. (972) 412-6656.56

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Be smart.  Your not going to rely on the sales person or the unsupervised laborers to assure that your new home was constructed and completed properly?

Bad Soil  new construction problems

New construction. we found that water drained out at the base of the slab while testing the plumbing. 

New  construction site with clay soil

Perpared slab for cement pour

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The lumber being used should be checked

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New construction site, what a mess.

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Walls and plumbing studied

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Roof structure being constructed.

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Close examination of brickwork

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