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New Construction Roof
Certified and fully licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

We are a State licensed and approved inspection company.

Why choose an AAPI inspector for your inspection ?

Our history of professionalism and leadership in the inspection field stands alone from other inspection companys nationwide. Founded on integrity and the highest standards in the industry, you can always count on the best services. We have an impeccable record of excellence with the TREC and all other city, state and federal agencies. We are certified by the city and county of Dallas in their HQS, UPCAP and UCAP programs.  We are licensed by the SPCB as certified applicators in the termite field, the highest level of expertise. We have an experienced certified mold assessor on staff. We are certified site assessment consultants, registered with the EPA and state health departments. We are licensed lead inspectors registered with the EPA and state health departments. We provide commercial and residential inspections and consulting. We provide expert consulting nationwide on any construction related situation.  

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We Perform very  through inspections, but mostly we help people.

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Is this your roof?

We climb up to and walk any roof that is safely accessible, we check for damaged and missing shingles, missing flashing, improperly installed flashing, unsealed flashing, improper flashing material.  Roof penetrations such as soil stacks and vent stacks are also observed and reported if they are damaged, missing, or need sealant.  Sufficient ventilation to the attic and roof are observed.  Inspectors check for improperly installed ventilation, insufficient ventilation, no ventilation.

The gas vent stacks are leaning. It is possible to have rain water track down the vent stack cap and leak inside of the hetaer burner compartment.  We had this corrected before our client moved in to their new home.

Valley has been weaved  into each side of the valley. This makes it harder to leak at these points.

The roofing company was installing the roofing materials with the wrong stagger we had the installation stopped and the roof was completely removed and reinstalled properly a few days later.

Look closely you’ll see the roofer hanging on at the drip edge of the roof. This steep of a roof in very dangerous to access and install.   The boards nailed on to the tar paper are called chicken boards by the roofers.

There is a small gap in the flashing above this window roof line. Could cause leaking during heavy rains with high winds. 

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