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How the Partner Program works

Statistically, every home inspected need repairs and replacements of some components.


50% needs the HVAC system serviced, repaired or replaced.

50% needs the plumbing system repaired and servicing.

30% will be replacing tubs, commodes, sinks or some plumbing fixture in there new home.

10% will be replacing the roof and many times removing a wood roof before replacement.

50% will have some part of the house painted and sheet rock repaired.

10% will be replacing some cabinets or shelves in their new home.

20% will be replacing either interior and/or exterior doors.

25% will remodel their home soon after closing on the property.

50% needs some appliances repaired and/or replacements.

15% needs a treatment for either Termites or Carpenter Ants.

10% needs a general pest treatment and/or rodents eliminated

20% needs at least one or more faucets either repaired or replaced.

50% of all new homes need blinds and shades on all windows.

20% are interested in having solar window screens.

20% will need some electrical repairs and many times up dating the entire electrical system.

20% of all homes build in the late 70’s and early 80’s need windows repaired or replaced.

50% of all preowned homes our client will be changing all window treatment after they close.

20% need the carpeting cleaned.

10% will have the flooring replaced or restored after they close on the property.

5% need to have a structural engineer evaluate the foundation.

5% need some kind of foundation repair.

You can probably see our point by how. We provide a unique opportunity to business owner, by providing their information directly to people that will definitely need their services and/or products.


Many vendors just like you have spent thousands of dollars in yellow page ads to get a 1% return. Thousands spent for direct mailing to get a 1% return. Racing all over town to maybe get a 1% return in responding to a possible bids job, just to be told maybe next year.


We provide the Partners company name and needed information to all of our clients, their Realtors and anyone that may call our office for referrals.


Our Clients ask for referrals at every inspection of Heating and Air conditioning companies, Pest treatments, window replacements, chimney cleaning and so on. Our Partners are given as a referral sources.


Many realtors ask for a referral for services that need to be addressed before their property closes. Our Partners are given as a referral.


The sellers of property also call and ask for a referral for needed repairs and treatments. Our Partners are given as a referral.


Please contact us by e-mail or phone to get additional information on our Partner Program. Phone 972-412-6656 Fax 972-412-6655

This is a general overview of our program. We are limited in the number of Partners we can have in this program, so don’t wait contact us now.

Get Listed

We would like to include a Electrical Company, Plumbing Company, Roofing Company, Foundation repair Company, Appliance Repair Company, HVAC Company, Flooring Company, Carpet Cleaning, Counter Top Company, Carpenter, Handyman, Painter, Door Company, Window Company, Brick repair, Sheet rock repair, Garage door operator technician, Structural Engineer, Lighting Company, Dry Cleaning, Garage Door, Landscaping, Yard maintenance, Chimney Sweep, Mortgage Company, Title Company, Furniture, Patio Furniture, Pool Company, Home Warranty, Auto Repair, Oil Change, Interior Decorator, Curtain and Blinds, Window solar screens, Window Cleaning, House Cleaning, Hair salon, Insurance Company, Vinyl Siding, Satellite Dish TV, TV Cable Company, Electrical power provided, Bank, Credit Card, Investment Company, to name a few.

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 I’m interested in joining the partner program.


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Partners Program

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