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Professional Objectives:

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We bring 20 years of construction experience, 20 years electrical experience and 20 years inspection experience to your inspection.

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Bob Charvoz 

President and founder

America's inspectors group

Licensed Professional Inspector Texas/License #3628-22 years


Licensed Home Inspector Oklahoma/ License #70000131-5 years 


Structural Pest Control Certified Applicator/License #10680-21years


Certified Site Assessment Consultant –21 years


Former Licensed Mold Assessment Consultant Texas/EPA/License #MAC0548-10 years


Former Licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester/License #BP0004721-12 years


FHA & HUD certified inspector  # K823-22 years


Certified inspector for City of Dallas, Dallas County MAP, UCAP and HQS.-19 years


Former lead inspector, Texas-6 years


Green Building,-Green Energy –City of Dallas/HUD/Enterprise foundation.


TAREI –Former Director


Dallas Morning News – contributor


Channel 5 (NBCDWF) - contributor


Performed over 50,000 inspections


Trained over 50 inspectors


 TREC instructor


Former Power Plant Electrician


Former construction supervisor


Over 8000 training hours thus far

We are all dedicated to our clients, we want to provide the very best experience that we can, our goal is to provide service above and beyond your expectations. all of our inspectors are up to date with the latest information, codes, industry changes and TREC standards. When any news of defective materials, construction practices that are being used but are creating problems repetitive and we provide any needed information to our clients that they may need to know about their home and/or systems beyond the standard inspection.

We know HVAC systems inside and out

We know HVAC systems

We examined thousands of electrical systems

We know electrical systems

(972) 412-6656

We have seen

We know Mold

We Know the Construction of

 All Type of Roofs

We know roofs

We are certified in the Termite field

We know Termites

We know Pier and Beam foundations from he ground up

We know foundations

Who we are:

The American Association of Professional Inspectors, Inc. is a Texas based professional company and organization of elite real estate Inspectors in Texas. The Association is limited to inspectors who have met high professional and educational requirements through class, continual field testing and review process. All Inspectors have to continue to demonstrate the highest professional expertise and highest integrity. We are professional licensed real estate inspectors with the State of TEXAS. We are licensed as Certified Termite Inspectors with the TEXAS Structural Pest Control Service. We are Certified HQS, UPCAP, and UCAP Inspectors with the City and County of DALLAS.  We provide training to inspectors in Texas and across the United States. Inspectors are not allowed to actively engage in real estate sales or to have a financial interest in the sale, repairs or maintenance of any property that they inspect. The American Association of Professional Inspectors Code of Ethics governs professional behavior and avoids potential conflicts of interest. We have no Affiliation or Connection with any real estate companies or Realtors. We will not ever pay to be favored or listed at any real estate companies as many inspection companies do. 

Why choose an AAPI inspector for your inspection ?

Our long history of professionalism and leadership in the inspection field stands alone from other inspection companies state and nationwide. Founded on principals of high integrity and the highest standards in the industry, you can always count on the best services. We have an impeccable record of excellence with the TREC and all city, state and federal agencies. We are one of only 10 inspection companies certified by the city and county of Dallas in their HQS, UPCAP and UCAP programs.  We are licensed by the TDA- SPCB as certified applicators in the termite field, the highest level of expertise. We have a former certified mold assessor experience with biohazards. We are former licensed lead inspectors registered with the EPA and state health departments. We provide commercial and residential inspections and consulting. We provide expert consulting nationwide on any construction related situation.  

Services Provided to Our Clients

We provide real estate inspections and termite inspections for any real estate transaction or services needed. Consultation for any situation having to do with construction of residential or commercial property. We provide new construction and year end new construction warranty inspections.  We can provide review of any new installation of any component or system installed at a property, review of any remodeling or addition, oversight supervision of any single project such as roof replacement at residential or commercial property. We can provide consultation and expert witness testimony in any residential or commercial property.

What we do

American Association of Professional Inspectors, inspectors closely examine and report the condition of structures, while always keeping in mind our clients best interest. The inspection is performed according to the TREC and American Association of Professional Inspectors Standards of Practice. The cursoryscope is a visual inspection of the physical components of the structure, its electrical systems, plumbing systems, mechanical systems, and site conditions. Please contact the office for a complete description of inspected items.  Or, you can.. .      

AAPI  Professional Objectives:

(1) Promote excellence within the real estate inspection profession and improve inspection service to consumers through American Association of Professional Inspectors, Inc. Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

(2) Build public awareness of inspection benefits and  continue to raise the standards of real estate inspectors.

(3) Provide inspectors and others with an avenue in which to enhance their professionalism through education, training, and an enlightened exchange of experiences with other inspectors.

(4) Interact with related real estate professions, the legal community, and government agencies, serving as the leading authority in real estate.

Our Guarantee

 The American Association of Professional Inspectors has been providing real estate buyers and sellers with invaluable information needed in the process of real estate transactions. Our clients always feel that they have made the right choice and continue to recommend us to their friends, family, and co-workers. We will make you a well informed consumer by the time we finish the inspection and report presentation.  If you are not satisfied with your inspection we will return your cost for the inspection. Guaranteed!

How do I know I’m getting a qualified real estate inspector ?

The best source is the American Association of Professional Inspectors, Inc.  We will provide you with the information you need to become an educated consumer in hiring a highly qualified inspector.  Another source could be a family member, who has been satisfied with a real estate inspector they have used.  Some Realtors  and offices have lists of inspectors they may suggest. Be cautious of some real estate agent's list, they sometimes have inspectors that always say everything is just fine even before they get to the property; that could be why they may be on the list.  That is not the case with American Association of Professional Inspectors, Inc. inspectors, which is why we may not be on the list. Whatever your referral source, you will want to make sure that the real estate inspector has the training from the American Association of Professional Inspectors, Inc. in order to be certain of his or her qualifications, experience, and business ethics.  We are more interested in representing our clients than being on a list.

We are America’s Inspectors

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