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Inspector Support

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Available on the spot

Support available by phone or email during regular business hours every day to provide any support our enlisted inspectors my need nation wide. Get advise or information on the spot to any any question you may have, before, during or after an inspection. 

Technical advise on the spot

Have a question about the operation of a system, installations of a system or component your inspecting. Questions about codes, standards or would like to have more information about anything that your in question about, we are here to help you.  We make you look good.

Marketing advise on the spot

Marketing dollars need to be spend wisely and not wasted on things that don't working.  After 18 years of trail and error we know what works and what doesn't.  We are available to coach and advise inspectors or building their business.  Have effective marketing can make all the difference. We also offer marketing packages that inspectors can apply year around in any real estate market.

Problem solving advise on the spot

It's said that most inspectors have one complaint for every 100 inspections, many inspectors have one complaint for every 50 inspections. Your goal is to have no complaints ever. Inspectors ask me, no complaints for 18 years? “How do you do that”. It starts by planing every inspection, having a inspection system, having a great report, perfecting your presentation, perfecting dealing with the Realtors, sellers and the client.  We can help you with that.

Web site and web support on the spot

We can provide your web site and all the support you need to get seen on the web and project your professional services.  if no-one can find your site what good is it? Then if they do find your site will it get  them to call you? Most people spend little time searching for inspectors on the Internet and even less time looking at their sites.  We have maintained our site within the to 10 sites for most searches in the DFW market for over 16 years. We can help you get more business from the Internet.

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With your complete business package you will also get daily support and guidance.

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