What to look for in a inspector?       Why you may not get all the truth about your new home?        What could be wrong with my home?      How much does a home inspection cost?

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Tips for the buyer

Do’s and Don't in choosing your home inspector (Click)

Short conversation with an inspector

You've started looking for your new home or you may have found it, what's next?

Many buyers are highly considering, location to schools, work, easy access to highways and shopping as one of the major considerations in their relocating.  Your Realtor will help guide you the properties that most closely meet your needs taking you to the properties in your price range. You'll be looking at the the over cosmetic conditions and in most cases have little idea of the condition of the property or if things are working as they should be.  We suggest  you look a little closer and take some notes while viewing the different properties shown to you by your Realtor. Ask questions about the main components and systems of each property. How old is the roof? Has the HVAC system been replaced? Has there been any foundation repairs? Look for sheetrock separations in walls and ceilings, check a few doors to see if they open and close properly. Walk the outside of the property and look for cracks in the brickwork and any gaps at walls to trim boards. How long does it take to get hot water to the furthest bathroom? Is there one water heater or two?  Look for any water staining in ceilings. Does the property  have a gutter system, is it completely around the house?  Is there signs of any pooling around the house or in flowerbeds?

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One of the Biggest mistakes you can make is not using a well qualified inspector. A good inspector can save you thousands of dollars and give you unemotional perspective and advice.

Do’s and Don't in choosing your home inspector

1. Don't choose a home inspector based on the lowest price. You get what you pay for.

2. Do use a experienced inspector, someone who has been trained, schooled, shown and supervised by other well experienced inspectors, don't think that a fast track inspector knows the same as one of our inspectors, they don't.

3. Don't use your Realtors inspector without checking them out first. You don't want a inspector that rubber stamps all of his referring Realtors houses they inspect.

4. Do go to the inspection and meet with your inspector,  do go over the report with your inspector on site and do ask all the questions you can think of or have questions about.

Phoenix TV's 3 on Your Side "Inspecting the Inspector"

Be careful choosing your inspector.

How to Use Home Inspection Reports to Negotiate the Price of a Home

Here are some useful tips when preparing to purchase a home.

    Use a “Good Realtor”, this is the biggest mistake we see over and over again.  Home buyers trying to get the best deals, and buying a property that is for sale by owner. A well qualified Realtor will save you money in the long run; give you invaluable advice and guidance.

    Area - What condition are the surrounding homes in and are the tenants owners or renters?  This could have an affect on the resale of a home. This is again where a Realtor can assist you.

    Are there schools nearby that are desirable, if you have a family?

    What is the general overall condition of the house in question?  Does it appear to have been maintained properly or is it in a less than desirable condition due to neglect? Observe the condition of the bathrooms, bathroom from our experience seem to reflect the level of maintenance the home has had. Look for stress cracks in walls and ceilings, try opening and closing a few doors while your there looking at the property, walk around the exterior and look for stress cracks and brick problems.

    Only use a professionally trained inspector to inspect the property. Some Realtors have a list of inspectors to choose from, be cautious and make sure they are inspectors from the American Association of Professional Inspectors. Some Realtors recommend inspectors that they have in their pocket to sell homes quickly.

    Have a Perspective Realize there are no perfect homes, even new ones. The inspection will always reveal some problems and some things that need repairs or attention.

    Don’t go house hopping,  we have some clients that go from one inspection of one home to another hoping to find the perfect home.

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Why choose an AAPI inspector for your inspection ?

All AAPI inspectors have monthly training sessions on every detail and component of our inspection process. We continue to refine our inspection standards. In most cases other inspection companies look only for the obvious and surface conditions during their inspection. We hear comments from our clients like, the inspector that did our last inspection did not test for that. From sellers state to us, why didn’t the inspector find that when we bought the house? From listing agents we hear, why did you find so many things wrong? Or we hear my inspector does not check for that. Some Buyer agents ask, why are you checking for that, other inspectors don’t. Or, your not required to do that.  

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