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Tips for Sellers

Almost all Realtors will tell you pricing the property to the market is the main thing. Buyers will be comparing your price to all other homes in your area. Buyers look at the cosmetic appearances next and the way the home is layout of bedrooms and living areas. We recommend review of videos on this page for help with getting your ready for sale.   Now days many homebuyers are savvy shoppers and do spend some time checking some of the obvious structural, mechanical  and plumbing of the property during the showing of different properties.

All Realtors see an advantage in having the property inspected at the time of listing for sale. This helps the seller get a perspective of the buyer, helps get some of the potential problems taken care of prior to the buyers inspection and helps stop the potential of the buyer stepping away from the property after their inspection.

You have to think like a buyer and look at your home through their eyes.  start with the outside drive up appeal, move to the entry, the living areas, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.  Does your house compare to the rest of the market, your neighborhood and most important to your price you have set?  Many times the price is renegotiated after the buyer has their inspection because of roof problems, foundation problems or HVAC problems the seller has no idea about. 

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