What to look for in a inspector?    Why you may not get all the truth about your new home?       What could be wrong with my home?      How much does a home inspection cost?

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With your complete business package you will also get training and advanced insight into all areas of inspections.

Learn the things you did not learn in school or by taking the correspondence course.

How to prepare for the inspection

How to be organized performing the inspection

How to know what’s right and what’s wrong.

How to word the problem or comment on the report.

How to avoid any legal issues from the seller.

How to avoid getting suited by the client.

How to avoid complaints from the TREC

How to determine the risk of your inspection and report.

How to fill in the WDI report.

How to inspect the structure for WDI.

How to inspect for possible hidden WDI activity.

What are conducive conditions to WDI reports


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