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Client that was a referral from a past client

Larry and kim

One of my co-workers over heard me talking about buying a new home, he would not stop bragging about your company inspector inspecting his home. He highly recommended that I only use your company no matter what the cost was. He said I would be willing to pay any amount once you had finished your inspection. He was right!  You dazzled me and my wife. Thank you so much for the extra time and information you gave us during the inspection and going over the report. I will recommend you’re company  to everybody!

Phillips   - Dallas Downtown

 Realtor us for her relatives.

John and his son

I’m a Realtor so when it came time to have my son’s new home inspected, I wanted to use the best inspection company I knew.  Everybody in the real estate field knows that America's Inspectors is the best in the inspection field. Confidentially some Listing Realtors don't want to have you're company inspecting the property they have listed, because of the thoroughness and honesty. I’ve heard Realtors say, “They find what ever is wrong with the home every time.”  I will use you're company for all my buyers.

Realtor's, mortgage companies and Title companies use us for their family and friends inspection.


Note: We do not pay to be on any real estate company's list, we are recommended by Realtors when the Realtor has a client that is a contractor, engineer, is wanting the best inspector for their client, the Realtor themselves or Realtor is representing a family member or friend.  The top Realtors recommend us regularly.  We don't have any unhappy clients.

Secret Insider Information        

There are some local DFW inspection Companies that pay to be on the real estate company’s and your Realtor’s to be listed for you to pick from for your inspection.  You should use caution in using these companies.

Some of the Companies that pay most real estate companies and/or realtor to be on the Realtor’s list that you will be highly recommended to use.

Pillar and Post

Burgess inspection Group

US inspect.


We are a nationally recognized organization and inspection company. We set the standards for other inspection companies to follow.  We are the leaders in the education field for inspectors. Having a vast experience in all construction practices and codes set us apart from all other inspection companies. All our clients are 100% satisfied and recommend us to everybody that they know, we found that our clients mention us in any conversation about real estate and brag on what a difference we are than any other inspection companies they have ever used.  You will walk away from the inspection having the full perspective and full information on all important aspects. Don't settle for a quick inspection and no specific information about these “TOP 8”items from some another inspection company.

City of Dallas Attorney

Why you may not get all the truth from your inspector?

I had used a another inspection company that our realtor recommended for our last home we purchased and we were very disappointed with their service and lack of thoroughness! Our Realtor recommended them to us because they were cheap and her favorite, that was a big mistake! Your company was refereed to us by the Dallas Housing Authority.  I don’t think you can get better than that.  Your company handled our inspection professionally and discovered many problems that I believe other inspectors would have overlooked. I received more than I could hope for during my inspection and during the presentation by your inspector. My advice to others buying a home, “DON’T SHOP FOR AN INSPECTION COMPANY, ONLY USE AMERICA’S INSPECTORS!!!

Past client from 1994 and 2011

First of all, we don't want to use “always or never” to the information given below.

Reason 1

Realtor's Preferred Inspection Company

There are real estate inspectors who's main objective is the make sure the Realtors involved on the selling and buyer side of the deal are happy with their report and the property closes without a problem and no repairs requested or further evaluations. These inspectors are typically promoted by Realtors and could be who your Realtor may suggest that you use. Realtors may tell the consumer that we causes to many problems, cost too much, takes too long. Some Realtors will go so far as to say things that will make the consumer feel that if they don't use their inspector that they are not working with them. At least ask the Realtor if their inspection company or inspector have some agreement or has paid to be a preferred provider status? Does their inspector have preferred status with the listing agent, office or company? Ask has your Realtor ever used America's Inspectors and why not? If the Realtor has their preferred inspector or company they will for sure steer you away form our company.

Now, here is the reason that you can’t always say always and never. After 20 years in the inspection business many great Realtors tell their client to use our company or will call us because they have a engineer, a friend, family member or themselves as their client and want the best inspection. We have had Realtors call us out of the blue for their family member's inspection and then not hear from them until their other family member wants to have a inspection. I’ve had a Realtor call and say, my client is my son, a doctor, a engineer, a lawyer, president of a large company, they had a bad experience with their last inspector or something like that and want us to do the inspection. They say,” I can't trust anybody else.”

Mary after move in

I kept your card when I bought our 2nd home. Your inspection was 100% correct and saved my wife and I $22,000.00. Once you performed our inspection, walked us around the property and gave us your advice, we knew that we had received the very best service. We presented the inspection to the seller and they agreed to repair everything on your inspection report! With out any hesitation, I would give you’re Company my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a real estate inspection! Please put this on your web site for everybody to see.

Morris - Dallas, TX

Reason 2

Newer inspector or poorly trained

Most of these inspectors have the best intentions. They may have 10’s of pages as additions to add to their reports to help make the consumer think that they are getting a good inspector and report. Many of these inspectors will apply and get many different associations memberships and unremarkable credentials to make up for being inexperienced and not being exposed to the training that we provide to our inspectors. The consumer does not know that their inspector was working a officemax, the mall, a sporting goods store up until they went school to become a inspector six months ago. The Texas Real Estate Commission a few years back started a fast track method for persons to become a inspector in Texas, the person can sit in a class room and spend hours mostly preparing to take the Texas certification test to become a inspector. Most inspector schools know or have a good idea of what is on the test and spend most of the time preparing the students to pass the test. The inspector candidate may have to take the test more than one time to pass it. Once they pass the test they receive a professional inspectors licensed. TREC started the original licensing with the numbers 1, 2, 3 and so on, now the licensing numbers are in the 20 thousands and counting. The TREC also has continuing education requirements for all licensed inspectors in Texas. A background in some field related to construction and field experience is needed for these inspectors to succeed. There are some Realtors that really like the newer inspectors because they don't find much as a issue either because they just don't know or because they are eager to get more business from the Realtor; they try to demonstrate to the Realtor that they will help them close the deal.

Realtor representing client on a

2,500,00.00 property.

Reason 3

Top producer Realtor

My client asked me to get them the best inspection company that will not miss anything! That put me on the spot. Even though I had them sign every form I could to limit my liability, I was still very concerned with recommending anybody to my very valuable client.  I looked and thought about all the inspection companies I knew or had heard of; the only inspection company I would feel comfortable using in this transaction would be yours. With complete confidence I called America’s Inspectors to perform this inspection.  Thank you for making me look so good and exceeding my client’s expectations!  I would recommend you to all my fellow Coldwell Banker Realtors! You're the absolute best!

Don't care

Then there are those inspectors and inspection companies that work off of the numbers of inspections performed. Some inspection companies need a large volume of inspections daily to keep all of their inspectors busy and have a management staff that constantly drives the message home to their inspectors to use long vague statements on their reports and sugarcoat it. As I was told by a owner of a multi inspector firm, “ we have to have numbers and we have to keep’m coming no matter what, we don't ever put the clients interest ahead of the Realtor referral source”. Some multi inspector firms figure that if they do 100 inspections and only have 40% unhappy clients and keep 100% of the Realtor referral resources they are doing great. Don't be part of the 40%.

Something that always has stuck with me, is after doing inspections for a couple of years, several inspectors told me that, “I cared too much about the client”. I would have a lot of happy clients but no business from any Realtors. We stayed in business anyway. These inspectors said, you can't put the client's interest first if you want Realtors to use you.

New home buyer with new roof, builder said it was fine, had hail damage.

Cathy at stairs

The builder kept telling me I did not need a inspection, everything is good and there would not be any problems. I was worried about some minor things I noticed and then talked to a friend. They told me about America's Inspectors and insisted I have a inspection.  Wow, was I glad, the inspector  found that the shower drain was completely stopped up, the AC was not cooling right and the roof has hail damage to the point it was not insurable.  Please post this and I will tell everybody to use your services.  You’re too cheap. Cathy - McKinney TX

unnamed realtor

You find to many problems, I can't use you for any inspections. You cost my sellers $10,000.00 because of your thorough inspection. I only use inspectors that only find small things and all my deals go thru easily. I’m sorry you're too thorough.

DFW area Realtor.

Elaine Sullivan

You company is  professional and informative - provides fantastic on-site reports with photos! 

Sullivan - Realtor


May 2012 Client. First time to use our services.City: Richardson, TX

I found your company by our Realtor

rate_overall_service: 10

rate_the_inspector: 10

rate_the_office: 10

Realtor picture not provided

Realtor's Name: Reyna

Address inspected: Cattleman, McKinney

I found the inspector helpful

Would recommend your company

The inspector was through

rate office: 9

rate inspector: 10

rate report: 10

Rate demeanor: 10

rate knowledge: 10

rate care given to client: 10

how likely to use company again: 10

likely to refer other realtors: 10


Realtor's Name: Henderson

Address_inspected:  Crest Breeze

I found the office staff  helpful

I found the inspector helpful

I felt that the inspector was reasonable

Would recommend your company

The inspector was through

I received better service than from another inspection company.

rate office: 10

rate inspector: 10

rate report: 10

Rate demeanor: 10

rate knowledge: better than 10

rate care given to client: 10

how likely to use company again: 10

likely to refer other Realtors: 10


Forms Multi Line 2: Inspectors have the ability to terrify a Buyer when all that is needed is to calmly inform them about potential issues with possible solutions.  It's a valuable/necessary service when delivered in the right



Bob does a great job with his delivery of bad news and counsel regarding solutions.

Terry Phillips

Realtor name: Phillips

Realtor comp: Coldwell Banker Apex Realtors

address inspected: Waterford McKinney, TX

rate office: 10

rate inspector: Better than 10

rate inspector demeanor: Better than 10

likely to use again: Better than 10

likely refer Realtors: Better than 10

Forms Multi Line 2: The inspector was patient and explained in detail each of his findings. Office staff is efficient and answers the phone promptly and goes to great lengths to get the inspection done around my client's and my schedule.


Realtors name: Howard

Realtor comp: Dallas City Center Realtors

address inspected: Northaven

rate office: 10

rate inspector: 10

rate report: 10

rate inspector demeanor: 10

likely to use again: Better than 10

likely refer realtors: Better than 10


Oct.  2012

Name: Ridd

Address_inspected: mapleton Dr

I Would refer a friend

first time to use your company: Yes

Would recommend your company

The inspector was through

rate office: 10

rate inspector: 10

rate report: 10

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Commercial Construction consulting client

meeting of construction group

Your company saved me thousands in construction cost and mistakes that would have been done by the contractor.  We have a much better building and have less operating cost and after construction problems because of your company’s diligence and supervision.  Thank you.  I would not build another building without your company on my side.

Barremorre - Dallas TX

Strip center Consulting to completion

Owner and son at completed strip center

Thank you, all when well and everybody is happy. I could not have done it without you. You saved me five times more money than your fee. Ill call you on the next one for sure.

New Hotel construction project consulting

during construction

I had three different contractors and months in delays before I hired your company to help me get back on tract with the construction of your new hotel. Not only did your company get everything back on track but we finished 1 week ahead of our original deadline time and opened our hotel on schedule. Thank You.Harrison - Irving TX

Flat roof consulting and supervision


Thank you for supervising my new roof installation and avoiding later issues and mistakes in the installation by the contractor. Money well spent is the way I see it.  Shepherd - Fort Worth TX

Central exp. Mold 2011

I commend your expertise and profession-alism in handling of the moisture and Mold issues in our commercial building.  I never thought it would go so easily to take care of the problem. You were able to isolate the source of the moisture problem that no one could find and direct me in repairing the mold so none of my tenants had any problems. I would highly recommend your company to anybody or corporation. 

Dearikson. - Frisco TX

Commercial Building Inspection

office and warehouse building

Job very well done! You found all the problems and helped me more than you know. Thanks for spending so much time on preparing the report and explaining everything to me. Thanks for taking all my calls after the inspection and giving me solutions and advise after the inspection.

Davidson - Coppell TX

Commercial Building inspection

plano medical building

The building had some secrets that I believe you could only find. Thanks for the great job and all the time you spent on site and working on the detailed report you provided. Your fee was the best investment I could have made. Your company is heads above all other inspection companies in the DFW area, I would recommend you to everybody.

James - Plano TX